Friday, August 28, 2009

Leaving the Nest

Well...the time has come. Finally!! I have recently gained enough gumption in my life to finally leave the nest...cut the apron strings...etc. The world is my oyster!? Reality has not set in yet. I doubt that it will until I'm sitting on the floor in my new home crying--wondering to myself if I did the right thing. It seems that I follow a pattern at transitional times like this; completely irrational brain takes over and rational brain goes on sabbatical. Pre-life-changing- event my brain says, " this really going to work out? Is it worth the sacrafice? How could you possibly thrive when you have so many weaknesses?" --Gotta hate that irrational devil!
However,in the midst of the chaos going on in between my ears, there is always that quiet little voice that cuts through the noise. Reassuring, peaceful, and hopeful. *sigh*
So...Washington DC it is. Ready or not, here I come! What will I do for work? I have no idea yet. Living off my savings for few weeks. People at my work keep reminding me, "Trust in the Lord and He'll provide." Little angels--that's what all the sweet people are that I'm leaving behind. Angels.
Raise your glasses--here's a toast to new beginnigs!