Sunday, December 20, 2009

Walking in a Winter Wonderland!

So, the Washington DC area is officially snowed in!
That's right folks! It's been a weekend of amazing coziness! The last time I can remember it snowing over 1 ft. of snow is back in 8th grade when it snowed 5 feet and school was canceled for 2 weeks! Our merry band of friends that live in our neighborhood have been playing in the snow, watching movies, baking cookies, hosting meals...just like a real family.
I'm so grateful for fun friends who live with/near me. I haven't had a fun, cozy weekend like this is years!

Ann Marie and her German Pancake breakfast delight

Three Snow Angels

Good Friends are like good family!

Winter Wonderland


  1. This makes me miss you. I need to come visit. Merry Christmas Sara Boo.