Saturday, May 30, 2009

A few of my favorite things

I love, love, love fresh flowers. It only deepens my love when I know that these flowers came from my own yard. delicious! I just like the way flowers look when they are on my piano next to my new song book. I found this secret treasure of old school "MIA" recreational song books from way back in the day. They have so many good ol' songs that we just don't sing anymore. Instead we listen with ear-buds to Beyonce while run about the errands and business of our lives. Don't get me just seems like something is missing. Remember when families or a group of friends used to sit around a piano and sing songs? It just seems more "real" to me--old "MIA" song books and flowers from my own yard. This is the stuff that makes my cup runneth over! :)

Late Spring Peony
        Early Spring Lilacs

Monday, May 18, 2009

Today I was sitting at my desk working on something. However, unbeknownst to me I was making a funny (or maybe I should say ugly) face. You know, the one where I tuck my upper lip under and I look like Buckteeth Bertha! (someone once told me that this is THE ugliest face I make! haha! little do they know!!) 

Well, amidst my unconscious-ugly-face-making-fest good ol' Lester Betz (who is a 80/90ish year old man that lives at the nursing home I work at) CAUGHT ME from across the lobby making this becoming face! Suddenly I snapped out of my concentration when I heard his sweet little voice.....

L:  “Sara. What are you doing?”

Me: “Oh, haha. I like to make funny faces sometimes. I was just tucking my lip under.”  *blush*

L : “Oh. have beautiful teeth!”  (he shakes his head & chortles to himself as he walks away)

This is the reason folks why I love old men. I need to marry a wonderful guy that has an old fashioned sense of humor. One who won’t point out that I’m making an ugly face and make me stop because I'm embarrassing him. Instead rather he will be kind. Perhaps in place of projecting a degrading comment in my direction he will say something gentle, something kind, something humorous that diffuses my uniquely odd behaviors! And I won't feel silly even though my face might, in fact, be silly. Someone a little like Lester.